Tuesday, September 12, 2006

To make a short story long

Back to last week, after the evening at the Castle, John, the inventor invited me to another evening of festivities the following evening in Pasadena. I had never been to Pasadena and was very impressed. We met at a Brazilian BBQ called Porte Alegre. There we ate and drank and enjoyed a delicious meal on John. Very nice of him. A couple of new faces at dinner this evening. A doll baby named Natashia, I think she used to be with Hasboro as a designer and knew Dave, John & Steve. She is now the Director of fairy and girlie stuff for Disney and commented that they did a lot of events.


After dinner we went next door to the Ceniza Cigar Lounge, where John is a member of the VIP Lounge and has a personal cigar locker. The more I get to know this guy, the more I like him. We had a smoke while a cigar event was occurring with live music.

Following our after dinner smoke we went to a trendy nightclub in Old Pasadena. Fancy cars and perfect tits, nice asses and I'll pass on the next round. Got to go gang, it's been fun.


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