Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In my "In Box"

Hey Tom. I normally would start off by asking how you're doing but being that I check up and read your blog daily, I got that covered. I am so glad that things are working out for you. Polly seems like a real nice gal and you seem to be enjoying all the California life has to offer.

I had a question for you.

I recently saw an effect performed by a Jewish mentalist. His name is Marc Salem and he did the following trick:

Marc gave a small leather bag to someone on stage to hold, and said that the contents would become important shortly. He had a few people in the audience write down numbers on a single sheet of paper. The numbers were then tallied up by another audience member. The sum of the numbers was written nice and large so everyone could clearly see it. To make a long (but, well thought out and nicely done) presentation short, he had a tape in the bag along with a tape player. On the tape, Marc clearly predicts the number.

That's it.

Do you have any idea how this works? In the past few months I have marketed my ass off and as a result I am busy performing. I have two shows now that are well practiced and rehearsed. One package is the mentalist style show and the other magic. As of now in my mental act I do the "88" magic square performance...I'm sure you know of this. Bill Herz and others do this... But here's the deal. I got to know how this one is done. I would love to add it to my mental act.

I know of some mathematical tricks and stuff but nothing this direct. You can see it being done on this video clip. It's at about 10:20 in the clip, that is ten minutes and 20 seconds into the clip. I hope you have some knowledge of the trick and it doesn't turn out to be, in your opinion, a stooge or the like.

Let me know when you get a chance.

Always thinking of you,




Good to hear from you. Glad you're busy and flattered that you read my blog. As for your question about the effect, there are no stooges, it is VERY Direct and I would not call it a mathematical trick. I'll give you a hint on a method that I'm familiar with. The hint is in the form of a question. "How were the numbers tallied?" Also, if you didn't see this live, "How might editing change your complete perception of the the effect?"

Hope this helps.



Anonymous said...

The real magic trick there is finding a tape player in this day and age... :)


Anonymous said...

Is it better to have to earn knowledge through work or simply have someone give it to you? If something is simply given, then it lessens the value....

To paraphrase the late Tommy Wonder, go figure it out for yourself.

Timmy Jimmy said...

Sol is a practicing magician. A working magician. His email to Tom was private, Tom chose to put it on his blog for all the world to see. To paraphrase my friend Isaac Louie and many others, does it really matter if Sol knows the Secret? It will take hours of work to actually do the magical effect. I was worried that Gazzo joining Penguin Magic and selling his cups and balls routine would flood the magic market with people performing his routine, which I use the ending of. But how many people will take the time, money and effort?
Sol is!
By the way, why do you hide behind "anonymous?"

Anonymous said...

Timmy Jimmy,

By posting something on a blog, it becomes public. By allowing comments, one gets what they ask for...

Concerning giving away things...I guess the concept of intellectual property escapes you.

After reviewing your blog, I will not spar with an unarmed man...

Anonymous said...

hey anon~
get over yourself, Sol simply asked one of his mentors for guidance and was given a clue... no intellectual property was infringed, no secrets were endangered and to be honest the trick is old enough that it would fall out of any applicable copyright laws anyway. I know for fact that everyone involved is a skilled professional in the craft and no one did anything wrong here; keep your quotes and insults to yourself please.