Sunday, September 10, 2006

Week in Review

Last Monday was Labor Day. Buster was supposed to start school on Tuesday but a snag in his immunizations records prevented that. Evidently California is VERY strict when it comes to vaccinations and immunizations. Buster had already had the chicken pox and TB tests but it was not documented in a format that they were going to accept from his old Cincinnati pediatrician.

Soooooooo, on Wednesday we got his shots to be read on Friday and the results noted, signed and dated in triplicate. For being good natured about the hassle, I treated my boy to a good Mexican lunch buffet down the street from the house. That afternoon SW1 aka Steve Weinstein arrived at LAX. We met later that evening at the Castle.

When I arrived a couple of guys from our party had already showed up and were in at the bar. I went in and introduced myself to the Boucard Brothers. Identical twin brothers, Pat was visiting from Wichita, KS where he is a special task force police officer and expert interrogator with a 99% confession rating. Interesting cat.

John Boucard - President / CTO of Infinite Machines is a friend of Steve's and an inventor. We had a cocktail at the downstairs bar, then I introduced them to Irma the invisible piano player where they tried to stump her with obscure songs.

It wasn't long before Steve, Dave (from Mattel) and his wife Charie showed up. Another round of drinks and introductions. After a bit we went upstairs for a late dinner. In the past the Castle had a bad reputation for mediocre food, I thought dinner was good. My filet mignon (cooked rare) was right on the money. Thanks Steve for dinner!

We got into the Palace of Mystery for the 10PM show and sat in the front row. On the bill were. Larry Wilson, Chase Curtis & Dimmare. It was a good show and our guests enjoyed it.

After the stage show we retired to the upstairs bar where I held court at the close up table and entertained for 20 minutes or so. More drinks, more conversation, more fun.

I'd like to write a bit more about Larry Willson and Dimmare's performances, but I have to get going to work the Promenade. Lots happening at the speed of life!

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ScottyTuxedo said...

Sounds great Tom! I'd love to come down and spend a night with you at the Castle. I've never been there yet.

I'll be seeing you soon, I hope.

with love, brother