Sunday, October 15, 2006

In my "In Box" • An email from a guy on Flickr

:: Thank you for what you did for me. Even if you didn't
know it.

I am new the art of magic, currently I am spending what
seems to be every waking hour consumed by thought of what
will one day be possible. For now I settle for what I must
study and learn, those fundamentals tought in Tarbell. I
have joined the S.A.M. and the local magic society, and
have found it very helpful. The reason I am saying all of
this is unclear to me even as I continue to type, but I was
looking over your photos and I felt motivated, So I guess I
should say thanks, this also goes for the other person on
your contact list. I found their work equally as moving. I
am an artist by nature and I have been searching for that
one thing that will release the torment that has been
bubbling below the surface of my skin for the past several
years. My drawing, painting, photography has only served as
a temperary repreive. It wasn't until one day that, for
reasons beyond my knowledge, I picked up a book from the
library and started learning about magic. This is the first
time in my life that I have felt a total clarity of mind. I
feel free of everything the world has put in my way, and I
am able to consentrait on nothing else. I am able to
"escape" from the troubles of the world.
I realize now after saying all that I have just said that,
this may very well be the reason I sent the message to you.
I have never said any of this to anyone and I needed a way
to let it out of my system without looking like a madman.
However, I still stand by what I said before, your photos
gave me motivation, in more ways than one. and for that I
thank you.

Luke Rawlings

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