Monday, October 16, 2006

This is what frustration looks like 2hrs. +

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Reynold'

Reynold: Hi! Did you. . . 1) just submit a booking? 2) make a reservation some time ago? OR 3) want to make a new reservation ?

Me: Quixo Booking ID (last week) 301307

Reynold: Please hold while I retrieve your booking . . .

Reynold: How can I assist you regarding this booking?

Me: got to airport, said ticket was for a "Paper Ticket" which I did not have

Me: would not let me fly unless I bought another ticket

Reynold: Please hold on.. Let me check..

Me: was not happy

Me: had to buy another ticket

Me: would like my charge card refunded

Reynold: Checking on that..

Me: I can fax you the ticket I had to purchase at the counter

Me: I appreciate your help, thanks

Reynold: As per our record you have been issued Paper Ticket.

Reynold: Sorry..

Reynold: As per our record you have been issued E-ticketr Ticket.

Reynold: And there is no paper ticket issued for the itinerary

Me: that's not what the airline told me, they had no record of it

Me: I showed them the confirmation e-mail from you

Reynold: Please hold on..

Me: thanks

Me: still there?

Reynold: Please hold on. We are calling the airlines.

Me: thanks

Reynold: May I know what is the new ticket price which you have purchased at the airport

Reynold: ?

Reynold: Hello?

Reynold: Are you there?

Me: yes

Me: $249.20

Reynold: May I know what is the new ticket price which you have purchased at the airport


Me: would you like the ticket number

Reynold: May I also have the flight #'s of the itinerary which you have purchased at the airport?

Me: same as the one I got from you

Reynold: Flight #'s of the Outbound and the Inbound?

Reynold: okay

Reynold: is it for the same dates.

Me: yes

Me: seemed CRAZY at the counter

Reynold: Okay thank you

Reynold: I am giving all this information to the agent of the airlines to get the refund

Reynold: I am working on it

Me: great

Reynold: Sorry to keep you on hold

Me: thanks for all your help

Reynold: Please hold on

Me: no problem

Reynold: May I have the ticket # please ?

Reynold: which you have purchase with the airlines directly?

Me: Doc. # 4012184022413 from US Airways

Reynold: Please hold on..

Me: is this waht you are asking for?

Reynold: yes

Reynold: Please wait; the specialist in charge of this booking will assist you shortly...
Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Philip'.

You are now chatting with 'Philip'

Philip: Hi there

Philip: I will be assisting you from now

Philip: So you have purchased the tickets directly from US Airways right?

Me: yes

Me: got to the airport

Me: thought the tickets I bought from you would get me on the plane

Me: they said I needed a paper ticket

Me: I showed them the email confirmation from you

Me: they said they had no record

Me: told me the only way I was flying was to buy a new ticket

Me: I was not happy

Me: I bought a new ticket

Me: I appreciate your help in getting me a refund (credit card cgargeback)

Me: I am working on it and aware of the situation.

Me: thanks

Philip: The airlines says that the ticket which was used was of the ticket which we have purchased the first time and the Merchant for that was Expedia.

Philip: The second time which you have purchase at the airlines directly from the USAirways was not used./

Me: It did have my name on it

Me: it was for the same flights

Me: why would I pay twice for the same tickets

Philip: yes same flights

Me: I did it because that's what the counter personel told me was the only way I was going to fly

Philip: But the ticket which you used for your travel was of the ticket which you purchased from us

Philip: please hold on

Philip: Let me complete that message which the agent of the airlines passed to me

Me: The ticket that I used was the one that the counter person issued me

Me: the e-ticket kiosk did not recognize me

Me: the service agent I dealt with tried to find out what was up, she made a couple of calls

Me: told me that ticket I bought from Qixo was for a paper ticket

Philip: The agent of the airlines said that the ticket which you have purchased the second time at the USAirways counter was not used and to get the refund for that ticket you need to call USAirways

Philip: And the # for the refund is 4806936735

Me: is this going to be a problem w/ them?

Philip: if you are not able to get through with that number then call the toll free # 18008357779/USAirways

Philip: It shouldn't any problem

Me: thanks for your help

Me: can I contact you if there is a problem

Philip: Because the agent informed me that the first ticket was used even thought you bought a second ticket.

Philip: If you any problem you can get back to us

Philip: But they informed us that the passenger has to call up as it was bought directly at the airport

Philip: Try calling this # first 4806936735/USAirways.

Philip: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Me: I will call them now, can we stay on the line for a min. while I do that please

Philip: Okay

Philip: But inform them the situation and give the both the ticket #'s

Philip: and enquire which was used.

Me: getting a total run a round

Me: lots of hold time

Me: now an automated request for me to fax

Me: can you email something to me that I can fax to the to clear this matter up

Philip: We dont have the fax #

Philip: You need to get the fax #

Philip: It is best you speak to the agent and do accordingly

Philip: USAirways agent

Philip: Didn't you speak to them?

Me: no

Me: tried both numbers

Me: stayed on a hold A LONG time

Philip: Earlier when i called even i was on a long hold

Me: evedintly your or someone in your offive WAS on the phone with them. . . while I was hold with you

Me: 48 min. on hold?

Me: this is getting rediculous

Me: will you help me resolve this please

Philip: It is best you speak to an agent.

Me: and how should I do that?

Philip: I spoke to the agent but they wanted to speak directly to the passenger

Philip: as you have purchased this at the airport directly.

Me: so you can't help me, that's what your saying?

Philip: I have given you two phone # of USAirways

Me: I have tried both for almost an hour

Philip: Please hold on while i try

Me: thanks

Philip: May i have the confirmation # for the ticket which you have purchased at the airport?

Me: document #?

Me: 4012184022413

Philip: Airlines confirmation #

Philip: and not the ticket #?

Me: don't see one on the ticket I bought there

Me: I do have from from the Qixo confirmation email

Philip: The ticket # which you have given is for the confirmation # which we have issued as per the airlines.

Me: My ticket # from you IS different

Philip: The qixo confirmation # and the ticket # which you have given belongs to one and the same ticket

Philip: yes

Me: I see no confirmation # on the ticket I bought at the counter

Me: can I fax it to you?

Me: or them?

Philip: They gave you a different ticket # but the confirmation # which we have given is the one you have used

Me: So I have bought the same ticket twice. . . . back to square 1

Philip: It will do not good by sending a fax to us

Me: are you talking to them?

Me: can they call me?

Me: I would very much like to be done with this

Philip: What the agent says that you need to check your credit card statement and get the charges along with the reference # or ticket # which is shows

Me: hold on I can get that

Philip: When you purchase another ticket the airlines will issue a confirmation #

Me: I have a hard copy reciept with no Conf. #

Philip: Please check your credit card statement and the get the charges and the reference # on it and call the airlines and let them

Philip: The phone number for US Airways is 1-800-327-781

Philip: Please try calling the above #

Me: 781?

Me: missing a number

Philip: Nothing is missing

Philip: Please call the above #

Me: I am getting the feeling that I should just dispute my charges from both you and the airlines with my credit card company

Chat session has ended.

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