Thursday, October 26, 2006

In my "In Box"


I think you should consider a couple of ideas to make money:

Write a book on your Cups and Balls routine.

put out a video on your cups routine.

I think a book would be good because it is easier to produce and more cost effective than filming, and you are currently trying to build your writing skills up. I for one think you have a lot to offer the community with your routine. Actually you could take it in stages and produce a book or booklet for each of your routine complete with patter and it could be like the 13 steps to mentalism for Street Performers. If you included a simple non-instructional DVD (performance only or even just provide a link to an online clip) of you performing the routine in several different settings etc...this would be a good selling point. I know you have the writing, performing and selling skills to easily make this happen. If you keep the book itself simple (not a hardback) you won't incur a lot of cost in producing it. You can get it copied and spiral boud (use wire) at Office Depot for a reasonable price. I know you have a relationship with Chris Kenner and Homer they may give you pointers etc...for this. If I can be of any help let me know.

Anyway that is just a thought.




Timmy Jimmy said...

Great idea, I would buy a copy!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Toms acts a gazillion times......would still be interested in having a DVD of the act.


Anonymous said...

whoever sent that to you was smart.