Saturday, October 21, 2006

The people I meet on the streets

Last night I worked at Hollywood and Highland. You never know who might just drop by and catch the show. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the real live Coach Carter. This is the guy who Samuel L. Jackson played in the movie "Coach Carter". He was a nice fellow, bought a Mental Photography and Stripper Deck. He and his wife watched a couple of my shows and he talked to me about private lessons. He does some speaking in the corporate market and is looking for ways to make is presentations more fun and visual. Of course magic is an excellent way to to that.

Overall the evening was OK. I was out there for about 3 cigars (3-4 hours). Sold some decks, did some shows. Worked with my new amp the Crate Taxi. Still figuring out how to get the best sound out of it for my needs (one vocal channel and one for the ipod). It seem to muscle over surrounding sounds pretty good. I do have to admit though, that by 10:30 on a friday night after listening to the plastic bucket drummer (for a half hour) who had set up next to me, I had had enough.

I'll work a few hours at the Promenade this afternoon then do a kid show in the Valley for a bunch of 6 year olds. Hey, whatever pays. . . I need the cash.


Solomon said...

Whatever pays is right! I am doing a kids show today. A year ago I was cocky enough to believe that I would never do kids shows because their not my favorite audience. They still are not my favorite audience, but my thinking has changed. I have been reading up on Dave Dee's material and Millionaire Magician, and have realized that I will make it big someday. For now though, I do kids shows and corporate shows. Is that weird? Not really? Both clients will hand me a check after doing my act! I have come up with some cool ways of making extra money from a booked gig. I have different packages and I also have merchandise. What a charm! I have some other secrets that I work with that make doing one gig the potential of doing a gig for everyone attending.

Just rambling now.

Thinking of you...hoping for the best...


Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

I started as a kid show magician and as most magicians they end the same way. No matter how big they get magicians seem to end in the place they started.

Jack Gwynne started with the grade school shows, went on to TV, circus, Vaudeville and ended up doing grade school shows in the end after all the success on the ABC super circus.

By the way Tom, what kind of amp are you using and could you provide a link where you can get one?

Thanks again,

Glenn Bishop

Anonymous said...

its ok to do kid shows but its not ok to do kids that will really make your eye twitch