Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday Night • The Avalon Ball


We left the house around 4PM on Saturday. It was going to be about an hour drive to get to Long Beach where we would catch a boat to Catalina Island. We passed the Queen Mary on the hour boat ride to the Ball.

We enjoyed a cocktail and each others company on the boat as we stared into each others eyes.


Here we are at the ball. We arrived fashionably late and didn't waste anytime getting into the swing of things. We danced, we drank we kissed. When we got too hot from dancing we went outside and enjoyed the cool evening air and the beautiful sights of the bay.


All in all a great evening with my sweetie. Definitely a must do for next year. We might stay on Catalina next year or at least make a whole day of it.

We saw some great dancing, listened to some of our favorite big band standards and just had a perfectly delightful evening. Lots of hats, tuxedo's, sparkly dresses and cigars. My kind of evening! Thanks Polly!


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Solomon said...

Awesome Tom! So glad you're partying it up in style. When I was a kid and lived in Long Beach Cali, my family frequented the queen mary. I'm truly happy for you Tom. I can't wait to visit and meet Polly. She seems like a truly delightful person. Good for you!

Miss you man,