Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Write what's in your head, write what's in you ass, who cares. . . . just write. OK so I'm writing. Here I am at my computer writing. Brain dump as they say. Beautiful day here in LA. One of the few weekday mornings that I got out of bed before Polly. I took Buster to school in her Prius. I don't mind that she has a car smarter than me.

Need to book some gigs. Booked my first gig here in LA. A friend of Polly and Kirsten's named Franklin booked me to do a show at his daughter's 6th birthday party. I am just happy to have a gig.

It sure would be nice to start getting some corporate or holiday work going. Halloween will be here shortly and that date is still open as well.

The wind blows, and my office curtains swell up like a muscle man's chest. Searching in my mind, like I'm looking for something. I think I will take a walk and get some exercise. Put on my ipod and listen to my favorite screenwriter's podcast.

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