Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Promo Ideas • Writing Exercise


Have you ever wondered how top, Fortune 500 companies motivate their sales forces? Do you wish you could connect with employees, customers and prospects in a meaningful way that they will enjoy and remember?. Have you been to one too many boring meetings that missed the mark in conveying the information presented?

It’s time to CUT THE CRAP and do something about it!

Combine an off beat humorous character, like comedy magician, TOM FRANK, with over two decades in Sales (with Magic Shops, Toy Stores, Corporate Events and Manufacturing) You get a one man, cost effective, power house punching, message delivering motherfucker, funny guy, magician to pull down your competitors pants and laugh at them. You’ll find yourself laughing at yourself, your industry all the while absorbing the important bullets on the agenda.

Tom Frank and Industrial Strength Magic specialize in combining your products, message and theme into a informational and entertaining presentation. It’s wacky! It’s weird and IT WORKS!! Spice up that next meeting, raise the bar at your next trade show. Dare to try something different.

Delivering a message nontraditionally increases it’s impact. It’s just that simple,

For over 20 years Tom has worked, entertained, motivated and inspired fine folks from IBM, to Proctor & Gamble, The House of Seagrams, The United States Playing Card Company, Microsoft Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla I couldn’t begin to list ALL the companies I’ve worked for.

Years of street performing, comedy clubs, private & corporate entertainment, as well as years in the Retail/Manufacturing and Marketing have given Tom Frank the POWER to grab interest, create fun and inspire a bit of silliness in even the most staunch audience.

Can you honestly say that after your last event, people not only “GOT IT” (the nut’s and bolts of your program, product launch, or department pep rally), but enjoyed it enough to give you positive feed back and to tell you that it’s that sort of programing that makes an audience feel empowered.

Care enough about your staff, your costumers or your prospects to think of and find new ways to say what needs to be said.

Bank on the results we gaurentee. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom. Hope things open up soon.
If you sent me a promo like the one in the blog, I would book you right now ,If I ran a F500.
You ooooze confidence and power.
But, I would ask you not to say motherfucker in your presentation.
Which I have always thought to be one of the BEST insults.
Some guys use the word cocksucker as an insult. As in.. HEY ! You are a COCKSUCKER !! I actually LIKE cocksuckers, and have invited them to my home. T it eazy -rg-

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favour and lose the "motherfucker" terminology in your rhetoric! You have a great talent & you don't need vulgarity to upsell it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree about MF comment. It's so out-of-date. Makes you sound out of touch and not able to hang with the modern folks. Nobody wants to book a 70's loser.

Magic Grandpa