Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ramble on rose

Things are rarely what they seem. The hand is quicker than the eye. Birds in July. Working on writing more like my poor, mentally deranged pal Elliott, who suffers in delusional glee, an abstract world of self importance.

I don't get it, but he probably doesn't get it either. Oh well. The trick is getting to a place in your mind and heart and say. . . hey, it is what it is.

Climbing the side of the canyon, snaking back, forth and up and up. Feeling inspired with every step. Even found myself praying. . . SHUT UP! No, really, didn't even understand it myself. It's just not like me to pray unless I really need something or I'm just in BIG trouble. OK so there I am asking god to give me courage to see things with clarity. I prayed to maintain a sense of balance high on that hill.

A Seattle day in LA, cool and overcast. I wonder how all my friends in Seattle are doing. If you are a friend. . . and you are in Seattle. . . leave a comment and say Hi. It would be nice to hear from you.

Feeling my creative self returning. Glad. Time to get busy. The universe is expanding. . . like I care?


This was a car I used to have in 1988. An old Checker Marathon. Huge back seat with extra fold out seats. Talk about making out in the back seat. . . I'm telling ya.

I guess I should quit farting around and get some work done. I've already dropped off Buster at school and been to the Burbank Airport near my house to continue and try to resolve the double charge issues. After yelling at the lady very loud and telling her I had a bomb strapped to my chest. The flash of electricity ran through my body instantly putting me on the ground flopping around like one of Tim Flynn's salmon. I woke up after shitting my pants in a dark room with a neon sign that said Welcome to hell. Elliott Blatt was bartending and I ordered a double Crown on the rocks. He spit in my face and laughed hysterically.


Anonymous said...

I remember draggin that thing out from an old garage in price hill. Belonged to a musician as i recall.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy...

I've been scannin' your blog... Sounds like you're scuffin' your feet again.

You're one of the good one's. Don't forget that! No matter what!

Make it simple again. Keep doing those 6 tricks you do wo well and find a good pitch. Take time to read, dance, smoke and drink.

I know that you're raising Buster and at 16 it doesn't get much wierder than that. Remember? Be gental with him. Give him the support he needs and just realize that you are going to do your best for him and he is going to take the shit that makes sense to him at the moment and then process the rest later. That's when the love you produce now will come together for you both.

Fuck those airline guys too. That's just a battle that you can't win. They've got rules that we don't know anything about.

In any case, I've been in the wings rooting for you for years and just want to let you know that you are not alone out there. Friends are a phone call away.

Keep buskin' your brains out and keep enjoying it. I did the So. Cal. thing in the late 70's and 80's so I know how it can chew you up. Be careful.

In any case if you get to Florida for some reason, give me a call and we can connect and spend a day or week on the water, (http://www.SailMagicWind.com. I've also got a nice little pitch down there that keeps food on the table. I'll be down there in a couple of days. My direct number is at my site: http://www.BrotherPaulMagic.com. The sailing business site has an 800 number.

If you talk to Shawn, tell him hi.

I don't have a Google account, so I'll sign this Anonymous for now...

Later Dude... BP (Capt. Paul)

Philemon said...

"When one door closes, two more doors open..."

Or in my case, one door slowly closes (like one of those automatic ones) and it's a mad dash to catch the elevator.

My bartending job just cut back my days, so I'll be making only 20% of what I've gotten used to.

OTOH, the Publicist I hired managed to get me an interview at a small local newspaper, so maybe my magic career will get a boost?

ScottyTuxedo said...

Hey Tommy--

How are you? We're trying to set it up to come down and visit you and check out Disneyland some time in December. We'll see. Hope you're well. I think of you everytime I try to remember exactly how to do that stubby cigar reproduction. I think of you every time I think of magic, for that matter. Take it easy brother.

I saw Philemon has a numerology column in the back of the Sinner. That's pretty sweet.

see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, sorry to see you leave seattle. I got some good memories from hangin in the shop those couple times. Knocked out my second wold record on sept 7 but no gigs and not tryin. Stay warm and check the beaches down sandy eggo way if you get a chance. You got the skill to hang anywhere and make it happen, so move ahead with a smile and tipped hat.