Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday • Hollywood & Highland

Miracles of miracles, Buster took me up on my long standing offer to come to work with me. I was very happy about that for several reasons. The first of which was, he doesn't get out of the house enough. I was happy that he wanted to explore his new city a little and experience the freak show that is Hollywood and Highland. I was also happy that he didn't mind shooting a few pics of me working. These are the very first pictures I have of myself working here in LA. I have been rotating various days and evenings at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, Hollywood and Highland and now Venice Beach.

My shows were good. Really starting to feel as though I'm getting into some sort of an LA groove. As I've commented in the past these LA pitches are sometimes very tough and often humbling.

I banged out several shows and deck pitches one after the other. Buster was surprised how quickly I was building my crowd. I assured him it wasn't always that way, and that he must be my good luck charm. I've been working on slowing down. . . again. Also trying to milk the moment of astonishment for an extra second or two. I want the audiences to have the, time in they're own mind, to chew on what they just experienced. Too often I step on my own applause or reactions. I need to continue to work on this.

I love my job. Since I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to to was to make people happy with my magic. Although life has it's way of getting complicated, I have been true to that dream my entire life. I like to think that in my own little insignificant way. . . I'm making the world a better place. . . one smile at a time.

I'm feeling the urge to script in some material that makes the performance more relevant. I struggle with the question, does the audience want content with it's entertainment, or just fun and games. I like to think that the combination of good magical entertainment and a well crafted message using techniques of neuro-linguistic programming could have a profound effect on all involved. Maybe I'm just dreaming. . . but I don't think so.

Buster got some interesting shots from a variety of angles.

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J.R. Hughson said...

Those are some serious fucking rings, YO.

Anonymous said...

These pics show a skill level and and mastery that is seldom seen. Up high instead of finding a low spot. down low to work the table and pull in close. Backing to the street to protect critical angles. The looks on the specs. Each one says something if you look close.....and think....

Folks that know, i mean really know can see its all as it should be. Big thanks to Buster too for snapping the pics.

Michael Sanford aka: Mikie the wire, Horses and T's,kingstardog

Scott Ocheltree said...

Very impressive pictures! You look sharp in that suit - don't recall seeing you wear that at Pike Place Market - very L.A.

Michael's comments are quite astute.