Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday • Lunch at the Magic Castle

Had lunch at the Magic Castle Friday afternoon. I arrived a bit after noon and was enjoying the rest of my cigar as I waited for Aye Jaye. While waiting, Gazzo and Billie arrived and we went inside. We gave the place the once over and sat down. I purposely sat in Vernon's seat and remembered the many chats we had while filling that corner with a hefty cloud of cigar smoke. Those were different days. The host asked if we wanted to catch Richard Turner's performance in the close-up room. Sounded like a treat to me! BONUS-!!

While I had heard his name many times through the years, I had never had a chance to see him work. We were ushered in at the last minute and I was pleased to finally meet Mr. Pete Biro in the chair next to me. The show started and Mr. Turner came out with a distinct Riverboat Gambler look. His performance was exciting to watch. It's rare to see a performance with such off beat methods of card handling. It was also interesting to watch Gazzo watch Richard. Few have mastered the esoteric techniques of these demonstrations but both Richard Turner and Gazzo know the work.

I've always been an enthusiastic student of dealing and shuffling. It was a real pleasure to see Richard Turner work with a deck of cards. With his charming character and easy going way, he disarms you with his wit while carving you out from the inside.

After the show we went upstairs where we met up with Aye Jaye. Always bursting at the seams with joyful silliness, he works the room, wherever he is. We sat down for lunch and John Lovick joined us for a while. Had the fish and chips and enjoyed the company. I guess a bunch of regulars/ members get together this way for lunch every Friday. How cool is that! I'd like to come again. You can say what you want about the Magical Castle, but I've always thought of it as a very magical place and never had a bad time there. I was happy that later that very same evening I would be back after working Hollywood and Highland to see Gazzo perform in the Parlor at 10:30PM. I love this town!


Dan Gifford said...

I've been scratching my head trying to remember where I have seen Richard Turner before (thanks for posting his picture!)

Did he appear on the Paul Daniels Magic Show in the UK a few years ago? (probably more than 10 years actually)

I remember he had a great act, excellent card skills.

Tom said...

Could have been him. He's done a lot and been many places.