Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In my "In Box" • Crazy Elliott

Dear TF:

Fuck you and your friendship you asswipe. I don't need rainy day friends who abandon you when you say I might have a mental problem from my parents terrorizing me with their lack of care. I hope you are not in their email network, or you will be going to Guantanamo Bay Cuba with them for 911. You see, my brother Dan sold architectural plans to Arabs in the World Trade Center Building where he worked, Tower 7, and then, magically before 911 hit there he abandoned the building. It was strange, you see, he was the VP of Technology for 60 architects, a position I am sure he frauded himself into, and then the department shrank to just him. He fired everyone and said I can do all this work myself. The Arabs came to him and said can we use your computer now? He said sure, as long as I'm just getting coffee. They downloaded the plans to the Trade Center and sent them to Al-Queda operatives in Saudi Arabia or some shit like that. Just kidding. My brother Dan gave me poison chicken while I was in the hospital for some alleged mental condition, which I never had. It was a ruse to attract the terrorists, my parents, to try to kill me there. They fell for the ruse, and, lo and behold, we found the 911 terrorists shining their true colors. I am laughing out loud. Believe me when I tell you I do not want to be your friend. Because this email appeared in my box when all other emails were being fraudulently deleted by the terrorists. We know this because we are CIA and we have a supercomputer tracking them down. It's so funny. I know the truth and they are liars. So, to save yourself from prosecution as a terrorist in their network, please go to hell, with all of your terrorist friends, kiss off, and die. Thank you very much. Elliott D. Blatt, CEO, Multimedia Software, Inc. ... DNN(TM)... Digital News Network... catching terrorists online in the act of some major shit... bye... G'Nite Sid...G'Nite Oscar...hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha

Tom Frank wrote:
No clue what you're talking about. . . but you do sound crazy. They have pills for that these days. I'm getting the feeling that I should leave you alone.


On Oct 7, 2006, at 10:40 AM, Elliott Blatt wrote:

You're bogus.

08/223/847 USTPO/NATO/BAC signing off your ass for now...DNN(TM)...Digital News Network... Fraudulent email from Tom Frank... Not really touching bases with me because he swore me off as his friend when I said I was possibly scizophrenic...hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhaha

Tom Frank wrote:

I'm glad you are doing well. It's been years since you dropped of
the face of the earth. I'm back in LA and once again trying to get
my life together.

Danny and I just got back from Vegas and had a few laughs about the
old days.

Peace Out Homie


Crazy Adrie

Crazy Mom

I'm not sure if she could ever be considered normal, or if her departure from the realm of reality was a strange side effect as a result of having 4 kids in 6 years. Dunno. . .

Mike, Max & Me

Mike, Max & Tom

This shot was taken about the time I could be found kissing Polly Lucke in my bedroom at 2509 Observatory Ave in Cincinnati, OH. I was 15 years old. Dig the three way, in the hands, false cut I was doing.

Before / After

Here are my mom's parents. Leona & Max Price. They were really great people.

Grammy & Grampy 1Grammy & Grampy 2

Tom & Mom

The last time I saw my mom was in Pittsburgh, right after she had her heart transplant. Pittsburgh Hospital • Click Here. She lived with a variety of health problems for years but rarely felt too bad to laugh at my assine antics. She was my biggest fan.

Adrianne Price (Frank) Matthews

I loved my mom very much. I can't say that I ever understood her. Her choices in husbands were polar opposites and her choices within her life were equally bizarre. The cast of characters the she welcomed into her home and heart never ceased to amaze me.

All of her kids were freaks and we all enjoyed, loved, hated and dealt with the roller coaster that was our life together. Today was a tough day for me at certain points. When I needed to take a cigar walk to clear my head I did. Old photographs have a way of jogging your memory. I'll take some pictures back home with me, probably stick them in a drawer somewhere.

I really don't want any of her stuff. What I want of her, I keep in my heart and feel everyday.

I miss you mom.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Cleveland, OH

Arrived in Cleveland this evening. Was picked up at the airport by my stepsister Mary Martha. We went and picked up my Step Dad at the hospital where he was having an MRI done. Afterwards we went to Corky & Lenny's for some corned Beef.

The goal is to by the end of the week cleared out the house so that he can move to Athens, GA with Mary. Feeling my mothers presence in the house is heart wrentching. I guess we'll all get through this together.

The dumpster is in the driveway and we're ready to fill it up. Whatever

Lots of shit, lots of memories, lots of private tears.