Monday, January 22, 2007

An evening with Chris Karney and the Rubber Boy

Chris Karney arrived at the house late Wednesday evening. He had just spent a few days digging an old 1962 Ford Galaxy out of the sand somewhere southeast of San Diego near the Mexican border. He bought the car for a pepper mill and got busy in the sand, as the car needed new brakes, motor mounts, a tune up and. . . pepper.

I've always maintained how lucky and blessed I was to have such such a bizarre set of friends. Chris is a whack job, If I've ever met one. Gifted as a comedian with the brash enthusiasm of youth, he makes me laugh. We were smoking in the back yard when he grabs the garden hose and launches into an improvised 20 minute set. I laughed at his "Is this an audience or a flower garden" he went on. . "Is this thing on? I'm not getting wet!"

We had a productive magic session and continued our ongoing dialog about the writing and delivery of comedy, especially as it applies to the performance of magic, till 4AM. Chris has been informally coaching me, trying to get me to drop the mask of my "Waka Waka" performing persona, remove the safety net of the material I've been doing for years and focus on becoming more real and vulnerable. More Pics • Click Here. Also View Chris on his online demo video • Click Here.

A buddy of his had just flown back into town, and Chris thought it would be a good idea to invite him over. Enter. . . "The Rubber Boy"! His name is Daniel and he is a 5 time Guinness World Record Holder for flexibility. Needless to say it was an entertaining evening. We went out for a late dinner, then back to the house for drinks and more show biz discussion. I'm learning a lot and making new friends and connections.

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Doug said...

[i]"Is this an audience or a flower garden" he went on. . "Is this thing on? I'm not getting wet!" [/i]


I've spent time with Chris (who... I know 'fairly' well) and whom I have the UTMOST respect
(damn, he offers good advice!)

He used to frequent my magic shop
(in between his street sets in Jackson Square.) His energy/presence was ALWAYS welcome

I've also met/spent time with Daniel: I've worked a few 'big easy" gigs with him, & he also used to visit 'Amazed and Amused" (one of many magic shops I've 'done time' in.)

I can certainly appreciate the 'experience/evening' you had with two fine talents

You're a lucky man
(as are they)

*Next time ya see Chris,
be sure to send him my best