Friday, January 19, 2007

Last pics from the S.C.A.M. Convention

One of the best parts of the South Carolina Association of Magicians Convention was to spend 4 full days with my old buddy Dan the Man. Of course seeing Kenny after all these years, meeting his family and winning the contests was all great too. But just reconnecting, enjoying his lecture on creativity, helping him in his show and being roommates again, even if for only a few nights in a Marriott. That's really what I signed up for. Thanks Danny for the opportunity and the friendship.

Here's Dan accepting his SCAM SPAM Award. Wasn't really sure what it was all about, but it was a fun presentation and it will look good among his other awards at home. This was the night that we ended up at the Waffle House at 4AM with Rachel. Here is Rachel, here Grand Dad and her Mom. Three generations of magic in Columbia, SC. All of them in show business in one way or another. A family that tricks together, sticks together. . . or at least gets a call from the Child, Family Services.

Rachel and Matt did a great Job of getting all the performers to and from the airport, making sure everyone was comfortable in their rooms and even took me on a run to the liquor store when I was getting the shakes. At one time, her mom was the union steward in this town. She was acting Stage Manager for the Gala Show and Grampa told me stories of great magicians performing in Columbia. He told me of Willard the Wizard performing in the old Opera House and about how Harry Blackstone Jr. collapsed on stage at the Coliseum, two weeks later he was dead.

Finally here is Jessica Reed and her Grand Parents all from Eaton, Ohio. I can recall watching her grow up at the Magi-Fest. Now she's all grown up, She was was performing her bird act on the Gala Show line-up.

Ahhhh time flys like a drugged parrot.

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