Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sylvester The Jester at the Magic Castle

Thursday night Polly and I went to the Castle to see Danny Sylvester and Brian Gillis perform. Danny was in the Parlor and Brian was in the Close-Up Room. Danny made sure that we got the rock star treatment, by having the host find us and seat us before the room was open. His performance was well received. This was the first time I had seen his act since Vegas where we were opening up for The Amazing Johnathan a few months back. Because my responsibilities were mostly back stage and in the wings at the Sahara, I really couldn't see what the audience was seeing. It was good to fill in those blanks. I love my old pal, and I'm very proud of his achievements. We talked on the phone yesterday, I asked him if he was interested in the show notes I had for him. We discussed his act and had a nice conversation. Next week we'll fly to Columbia, South Carolina where I will assist Mr. Jester at the S.C.A.M. Convention.

Brian Gillis did a nice job in the Close-Up Room. I've always liked the Fechter handling for the multiple card selection that he does. I was a bit puzzled why he didn't milk the moment of three mini, mental, miricles. . . but. . I just watch and learn. Having seen Ricky Jay, Sylvester the Jester and Brian Gillis all in a short period of time, I have a lot of data to crunch. Different theories about performing and magic, different personalities and different visions for personal contribution to the art, all make for a tasty breakfast.

As I watch these different performance styles, I analyze, and evaluate my own direction. I feel good about the magic I'm doing and feel that little by little. . . there is progress. I'm lucky and blessed to have had this destiny choose me.

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