Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thoughts from an aging busker

After months of persistence, I am now street performing at the Universal City Walk. The short 10 minute drive from the house and the parking pass they gave me, make for nice perks as I spend $7 a day, to park when I work Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

Friday was great, I worked a 12-5 in the Fountain Court and 6-10 in front of a store called Lush. Last night I worked a 6-10 at Tour Plaza. A spot that didn't really work so well for me, but I made due. There was a guy getting HUGE crowds, he was quite good at building and keeping his crowd. His music was blowing me out, so I just cranked up my shit to where I could hear the show I was trying to get going. I don't like being that way, but that's what I've learned here in LA.

Pretty happy with my performances lately. The best thing about the City Walk is the spacing of the acts throughout their property. There were two other magicians out there last night. I talked to one older guy named Alphie, of the tricks I saw him perform as I walked by, were the sponge rabbits and a 3 card monte routine. He had no amplification and kept his crowd tight around his table.

Sidewalk Show or Circle Show. . . that is the question?

OK I'm a sidewalk show. . . that want's to be able to morph into a larger show when need be. Standing on the stool to perform the rings is a good way to become more visible. I just need to continue crowd building before I launch into the finale.

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