Tuesday, February 20, 2007

End of a holiday weekend

The Presidents Day Weekend was filled with street shows, movie watching and lovemaking. . . rinse and repeat. All of the above inspired performances worthy of academy consideration. I love this camp!

We watched Blade Runner (the directors cut), A Very Long Engagement, The last Seduction and A Face in the Crowd. Polly and I had a dinner Saturday Night at the Arclight Cinema before watching Children of Men. Good movie.

Had really good sets at the City Walk. Worked pantomime to the Chaplin music I like so well. Did cards, coins and even the cups without ever uttering a word. Working on my reactions to the magic.

It rained over the weekend but cleared up for afternoon busking and deck pitching. I've been finding a good groove lately. It's relaxed, fun and full of love.

Today I'm going to Indio, California, to the Riverside County Fair. My oldest and dearest magic pal, Shawn Greer is performing there. I haven't seen Shawn in a while. I'm really looking forward to seeing him.

Nuff said, guess I'll get on the road

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