Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Visit with Shawn Greer at the Riverside County Fair

I departed around noon with blue skies and sunshine, palm trees and cigar smoke, blowing in the wind. Off to see my old pal Shawn, with whom I share so many memories that span the course of time and good taste. It's interesting, that after all these years, we sit face to face as grown ups in the real world (whatever that means), discussing things like relationships, our kids, our careers, our dreams and aspirations.

Shawn Greer • Magician

It was a good visit. I watched him do a few shows over the course of a few hours. In between shows we hung out, caught up and talked about magic. Shawn and I grew up together in Cincinnati. We spent our formative years as young magicians getting into as much trouble as we could find. Hell, even when we weren't looking for it . . . it would find us instead.

One thing we both had was a passion for the art of magic. Our mentors Larry Pringle and Paul Swinford taught us from an early age how to approach the art with an academic sensibility.

Shawn Greer • Coin Manipulations

Later, at different times, we both studied with Cellini, a pivotal experience that would further shape and influence our understanding and performance styles. What a long strange trip it's been. Shawn and I both love the classics.


Here's a bit of Shawn's set list. For a couple of guys he performed Double Dazzling Triumph (an old Daryl routine, if I'm not mistaken). As he continued his crowd gathering he performed some card routines. Opening with a one handed faro and continuing into a peek control and mental revelation followed by an in the hands triumph (with a killer show that the cards are meshed face up into face down). He did an effect where four cards were pushed out by 4 spectators and they turned out to be the 4 aces. It seemed a bit cumbersome to me and I wasn't sure if it really needed all the heavy lifting. After that, he performed the David Williamson Torn and Restored Card. At this point he turned his sound system on and started his "Show" which consisted of The Three Card Monte, Misers Dream and Coin Manipulations into his Finale of the Cups and Balls.

Shawn Greer • Riverside County Fair

Shawn finished up at 5:30PM as the daredevil motorcycle show was about to start. He packed up his gear and we headed out of the fair to a restaurant across the street. More talk about the past, present, and future. We talked more about the state of our art, in a complex and changing world. We agreed that it was a gift to be able to do what we do. How lucky we were, to have made our livings from this dream for so many years.

Shawn Greer • Hat Load

After dinner we headed to his Hot Springs Resort a half hour away in the mountains. Stuffed from our dinner we took a nice cigar walk under a toenail sliver moon. After that, we continued our discussion in the sauna and as we soaked in the hot mineral springs. They closed up the hot springs at 10PM. We sessioned till 1AM when I got on the road. Polly would be getting up at 3:30AM for an early call time at the studio and I thought it might be nice to see her before she left for work. It worked out perfect and I finally went to sleep at 4:12AM

Shawn Greer • Riverside County Fair

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