Monday, March 05, 2007

Friday Afternoon Session

I met Mr. Goodwin at the Castle and we walked down to Mel's Drive In near Hollywood and Highland. We called Alfonso and told him where to find us. By the time our food arrived Alfonso had joined us for a little afternoon magic session in Hollywood. Alfonso has been a fixture at the Castle since the old days. We talked about various eras at the Castle that could be dubbed as the "Good Old Days". We remember the era of the mid to late eighties. Hanging out with Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings made for some great memories I'll never forget. To us, those were the gold old days. We discussed the previous era of Vernon, Jennings, Skinner etc. . .

We talked about how the vibe at the Castle has changed. It doesn't have the same electricity that it used to. I don't see groups of guys huddling in the corner with their decks of cards out and sessioning. The dawn of another time I guess.

It was an nice afternoon that ended with the jingle jangle of linking rings in the Castle parking lot. I like these guys an hope to get to know them better. They really are quite good magician's and thinkers. I'm glad to know them. Alfonso lives less than a mile away from where I live. I think Billy lives in Ventura.

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