Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Coin Magic Session at Venice Beach

I got a call this morning from Curtis Kam. He was in town but flying out tonight. He was staying in Venice Beach around the corner from where Chris Korn lives. Bingo blamo out of nowhere a magic session over lunch on the beach is planned. Traffic on the 405 on a monday at noon was a breeze, got there in 30 min. I met Chris at his swinging bachelors pad. You got to like a guy with a second floor deck large enough to accommodate a queen size outdoor bed next to the huge hot tub near the grill, couch and food preparation area. We could have walked to the hotel, but in true LA fashion, we drove the 4 blocks.

Curtis met us outside and we walked a block to the beach where we found a place for a bite and a session. We wasted no time getting into things. We started out with a hearty discussion about the multiple card selection comparing Doc Eason, Ricky Jay, Paul Cummins, Malini, Eddie Fechter & Brian Gillis. We all threw in our two cents as to what we like and don’t like about the various methods of controls and of course the revelations. It’s a routine in all of our working repertoires.

Curtis was recently at the FFFF and told us all about his adventures there. It wasn’t long before the coins came out. I was lucky enough to be sitting with two top notch coin workers. How a hack like me got there is still a mystery, but I was happy to be watching some very pretty magic. Both Curtis and Chris have such a soft touch and at different times had me completely fooled.

They were nice enough to let me video a bit in HD, it looked GREAT! Damn. . . I might have to get better. My mind is swimming. It was a beautiful afternoon at the beach with friends. Good food, good conversation and lots of boobs to stare at. What can I say. . . my life ROCKS!!!


Solomon said...

Nice! I too am trying to map out my likings and disliking for the multiple card selection and somehow solidify what I what my routine to look like. What I realize though it that a routine is never solidified. Solidifying is just not a process with developing magic. That's the key word I suppose. Developing. It's a constant push of improvement, tweaking, revising, and smoothening out. What do you think about my multiple card selection process? Well I guess you have to see it done. I am doing a gig in Cali on Sunday, June 17. I'll be there from early in the morning on the 15th until the night of the 17th. Please let me know if I could stay by you or at least have you show me around and introduce me to some of your very magical friends. I also want to meet the famous Polly!

Anyways, the multiple selection routine is fabulous, if done properly. I've seen many guys do it where at a certain point, it almost seems like it's a chore to have to find the next selection. I am structuring it every so slowly, yet steadily, to be a built to the climax at the end with a signed card ending up in my shoe.

I would love to speak with you more about the trick.

Hope to hear from you soon,

P.S. I f'n love this blog. Keep up the great work big boy!

Intensely Magic said...

Tell us more about the boobs.....