Monday, May 07, 2007

End of a great visit

This picture was taken at 6:45AM on Saturday morning. Polly and I got up to see my father off. It was great seeing him and having plenty of time to talk to him, enjoy his company and smoke an endless chain of cigars. Life is good. We did some touristy things like the Getty Center and Villa. We had some recreational activities like drinking and swing dancing, as well as some good home cooked food. He went to work with me a couple of nights, shot some test HD footage of me working, and took in the whole City Walk experience.

I love my father. My favorite parts of his visit were the late evening cigar chats in the back yard. Polly continues to create a garden atmosphere in our back yard with a fresh selection of drought resistant plants, a place to put your feet, and now, new and improved ambient torches.

We talked about his childhood and teenage high school antics in Waterbury, Conn. It's a different world we live in today. We talked about our kids, our lives and where things go from here. He looked so happy driving off in to the morning on his way to Lake Tahoe, Chicago then back home to Atlanta. What a guy.

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