Monday, May 07, 2007

In my "In Box" • Can anyone help?

Mr. Frank,

I saw an older post from you regarding Paul Swinford, which is how I located you. I am working on a manuscript about a Twisting the Aces effect using the Ascanio Spread in which one card at a time turns over and then their backs all change color.

Jon Racherbaumer provided me with an essay from his Book on the Ascanio, and offers up the development of his own effect, "The Upturned One."

Lee Asher led me to the Special No. 4 of Epilogue, in which a Roy Walton effect appears called "Ascanio Rainbow," in which all four backs are different colors, and the deck changes color.

In Walton's description of the effect he mentions that "The effect was developed through discussions on A/Spread tricks with Paul Swinford, and was indeed inspired by one of Paul's effects."

I am trying to track down Swinford's idea so that I can plac! e it into the story. I was wondering if you were familiar with the Swinford idea that Roy Walton mentions in Epilogue.

I appreciate your help,
David London

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