Thursday, May 17, 2007


Polly had lunch plans with Kirsten (who just passed her Real Estate Appraiser test making her an official trainee! Congrats Kirsten!) I walked to Vic’s Thai Food and had lunch there. Polly hasn’t wanted to try their food because the place looks like a shack. Her friend Andrew told me to look for their posted restaurant rating (a state thing, I guess, that has to do with cleanliness. I was happy to see the “A” rating and asked for something with shrimp that was spicy.

The food was great. I ate in their shack patio area and enjoyed the cool breeze and my hot food.

Afterwards I took a dip, did some laps, got my heart rate up and enjoyed a nice cigar pool side beneath a tall palm tree in desperate need of a haircut.

I thought to myself how happy and relaxed I was. I filled my mind, heart and soul with only the most happy and positive thoughts. I saw the faces of my children smiling and laughing. I felt the warm air cooling my wet body.

Man, this is the life! Tonight I get to go out there and make people happy with my magic. . . again! I feel so loose from the yoga this morning. I tweaked a muscle near my thigh doing some nutty leg rolling out exercise, but worked it out in the pool.

God I love my life, everyone should feel this happy.

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