Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cups du jour

Snagged pic and description off of ebay

This is a very rare (perhaps unique) set of brass Conrad Haden cups. Connie Haden cups have become extremely difficult to find and are highly prized by both collectors and cups and balls workers. This set was was made by Haden for Gene Devoe over forty years ago and had been in Bob Stevens' collection from the 1960's until I obtained them in six or seven years ago. They have slightly different contours than the so-called Slydini cups that Haden had crafted a few years earlier (they are a tad larger and have somewhat less rounded beads around the middle), but like all of Connie Haden's apparatus, they are beautifully made. I have never seen another set quite like them. A wonderful addition for any magic collector or cups and balls worker.

Sold for $697

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