Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wednesday afternoon session at Dean Dill's

Session @ Dean DillsI picked up Aye Jaye at his house in Sun Valley near Burbank, hopped on the 134 to Glendale and piff, paff, poof we're at Dean Dill's Famous Magic Barber Shop.

Dean and Pete Biro were the only ones there so far. We added to the mix and the fun started. Pete showed us a neat billet loading letter opener. His good pal Joe Porper made it. Marty showed up, then John Lovick and Shoot Ogawa. Shoot did a nifty bit making it look like a bunch of coins and silverware were magnetic. It was a clever routine with a lot of nice little touches. I first saw Shoot at an LMVI a few years ago, some of his magic was stunning. It's a shame we had to leave, it would have been neat to get to know him a little.

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