Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friday Night

Last night went from bad to worse. First at work, my mic craps out on my and I have to leave an hour after getting there. They pump in loud music everywhere at the City Walk making difficult to work without amplification. On the way to Guitar Center I call Chris Karney to ask him about headset wireless mics. Frustrated with where my Friday night was heading I pound a few cocktails at home and pay for it severely the next day.

Oy! What a morning. Blew off work today. Feeling better tonight. Polly took me to lunch at Jerry's Deli on Ventura. Some good chicken soup, Polly got the matzoh ball soup, the matzoh ball was the size of a newborn's head. I helped her eat it.

We may have to move, Our land lord wants to put the house were renting on the market. We'll see how things develop. It would be nice to stay where we are, however if we had to move, I'm game. Polly doesn't want to move to Dubai, so I guess we'll stay here in LA.

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