Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dead Symphony

"The essence of the Dead's music was improvisation, and the root of that is an attitude that says transformation is at the center of all art. Dead Symphony takes different fragments of the Dead's music and reweaves them into a sparkling tapestry that satisfies a whole 'nother realm of possibility."

Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead Historian and Publicist

The most completely realized symphonic masterwork of the music of the Grateful Dead.

Proof of what Deadheads have known all along -- what they have been hearing and experiencing is bigger than mere words have ever been able to describe. When Dead Symphony no. 6 finds its way into your local concert hall, dancing might be a slight problem but the listening will be sweet.

It was "China Doll" that opened the door for Lee Johnson, initiating his personal journey into the Dead, through an introduction by longtime fan and music producer, Mike Adams. Mike took the Beethoven, Stravinsky, and Shostakovich loving composer and introduced him to American roots music, as exemplified, by the Grateful Dead. Each and every recording, score, and lyric that was experienced and studied helped to pass the genetic material of the Dead's core essence into Lee's creative compositional mind. Johnson's symphonies now number eight and his body of work includes DVD Symphonic Films, and works for every genre.

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