Friday, June 15, 2007

Price Hike

Rent, originally uploaded by velo_city.

I recently raised the price of my decks by $5. Now I offer the stripper deck and book for $30 and the Mental Photography Deck for $25. Sales have not slowed down.

My father taught me an important lesson early in my retail career (I owned Magic Shops and Specialty Toy Stores). It's not my job to determine what the market will bear. . . . that's their job. When sales go down, as a result of a price hike, that tells you something too.

Having taken my act out of my act, I'm as close to a pitchman as I've ever been.

Pitching decks since I was a kid, my formative years were behind the counter and in the back room of Haines House of Cards.

Still loving it after all these years. My 12 year run in the Magic Shop Business helped fine tune a pitch that makes them want to buy.

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