Monday, September 24, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money Premiere

Last night Polly and I attended the premiere for “Dirty Sexy Money” at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios Lot in Hollywood. It was a lovely affair. Always nice to get all dressed up and be part od a scene.

Over the last couple of months I’ve taken several opportunities to get up close and personal studying the day to day activities in the making of a network TV show. On any given day there are approximately 100 people working long hours to see that each show is written, rehearsed, shot, edited and delivered to you for the first time ever, this Wednesday night at 10 PM on ABC. A lot of people have a lot money riding on new shows. Always interesting to see what a fickle public will allow into their homes and embrace as entertainment.

I visited Polly on set a week or so ago, they were shooting at a downtown location, a beautiful deco building lobby and an alley. Cool stuff, large helium balloons with lights in them, floated above, to illuminate hard to light areas. I like meeting all the people Polly works with, script supervisors, assistant directors, wardrobe and prop people, production assistants, kraft services, catering and transpo, all vital departments, not to mention the talent, and the department responsible for making the stars look fabulous. . . . hair and make-up.

Last night’s premiere was mostly for the cast and crew with a bit of press and a red carpet affair, for the stars to smile and talk to the press about the show. Everyone eventually made it into the theater where we would all watch the pilot on the big movie screen. An interesting production note is that the pilot was shot in New York and roughly half of the pilot was reshot months later in Hollywood. Lavish sets fill a sound stage on the Paramount Lot, where the bulk of the show is shot. Obviously the show was well received, the audience was the people who have traded their Mon. - Fri. personal lives to see that this hour show will enhance yours.

After the pilot, there was a cocktail party ain the lobby. Booze, food and pretty people. This was not going to be a late night for anyone as there was a 4:12AM crew call time. We wondered why they didn’t do it on Saturday Night. One of the producers who is Jewish, didn’t want to do it on Yom Kippur.

It was a lovely night, I had a smashing time. I’m very proud of the work Polly does. Long hours in a thankless industry make for high stress. I love Polly Lucke. Thanks for taking me to a cool party.

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