Monday, September 24, 2007

HD Video Review

Aug. 16, 2007 2:45PM Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade

Kozmo pt. 2

Interview with Koz about street performing. Interesting chat with a guy who’s out there working making a living doing what he loves. . . on his terms.

Aug. 16, 2007 3:24PM Stuck in traffic

Aug. 30, 2007 4:19PM Paradise Cove, Malibu CA

Sights and sounds on the beach. Scantly clad young women looking fine. Beautiful waves. Some of the houses on the beach. Getting used to the camera. Studying how it processes light in different situations.

Sept. 1, 2007 9:42PM Universal City Walk • Flattop

Always entertaining. This cat “Brings It!”. Lots of energy, total funk. An interesting way of moving so that it looks like missing frames. I’ve been trying to adapt some of these sorts of movements with my card work. Processing low light very well, a tad grainy. I’d like to do some sort of video project using him. He really captures my interest on many different levels. I’ve shot footage of him on several different occasions. in 8 minutes he’s gathered a sizable crowd. Crazy dancing and great interaction with the crowd. Inspiring. Gets a kid from the audience and makes him pop dance.

Sept. 1, 2007 9:55PM Universal City Walk • Sajama

Band working fountain court on a CROWED night. Place is hopping. Shots of Neon and funky architecture. I love going to work at the City Walk.
Sept. 3, 2007 12:04 PM Chat with Polly in her Prius

104 degrees. Drive through window at In n Out Burger. Minutia, home movies.

Sept. 6, 2007 7:07 PM Universal City Walk • Me at work

I try and shoot my act on video weekly. I review what I’m doing from a variety of angels. This is an on the fly way of shooting. Because I’m really a work trying to make money, I’m not paying to much attention to the camera, it just keeps rolling. This is a frustrating way to work because I can never get the shot I want. Occasionally I can enlist an operator.

Flip stick (flashed), Mental Photography is a Bad Ass deck. I’d buy one myself if I didn’t have so many of them. Coin Manipulation Routine to Chaplin Music. Off my mark with the music, caught up. only off by a couple of beats. Coin falling up looked good.

Sept. 12, 2007 7:16 PM Universal City Walk • Me at work

Close up’s on one handed cuts.

Shooting from above. Nice shot, 4 handed poker deal into Doc Daley’s Last Trick. Control and shuffles looked good.

Widened the shot and moved the camera farther away. Watching how people react to me dancing around playing with the cards. Trying to get someone interested with out looking like I care.

More practice footage (Margarita shooting) Poker Deal

Extreme close up of my shuffle work. Got to say it looks good to me.

Sept. 13, 2007 2:54 Pasadena • Danny Sylvester & Sharon Little chat after lunch.

Sept. 20, 2007 7:39 PM City Walk • Me at work

Panoramic Shift, fancy cuts, (hands close to lens) One Handed Four Packet Cut. Hand to Hand Coin Rolls. 1,2,3 and four coins rolling over my fingers. Kirk revolve coin vanish. Looks like a slow night at work. Roll out to star. Changed camera angle. Fuck up the 4 Ace production, glad no one was watching. I love the way cards feel. Bare Handed single card production. Flashing at the same point each time.

Sept. 23, 2007 7:10 PM Polly at home getting ready for the Premier.

Sept. 24, 2007 10:11 PM At home practice

Played around with using the iTunes visualizer as a background to coin manipulation. In darkened room it created a silloet like in the ipod commercial. Neat effect I stumbled on after a few bong hits. Came up with a cool production for a coin using the darkness to my advantage. Card manipulation. Tripped out.

Shot similar footage in better light. Not as interesting. Shots of some of the art hanging in my office.

That’s all folks

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