Monday, October 29, 2007

I still love my life

So, I’m driving to work tonight, cigar lit, sun roof open. Cruising at 80 miles per hour in the high speed lane when all of a sudden I feel a complete loss of power. I took a second to evaluate my situation, I could pull over to the left shoulder, no. . . didn’t want to trap myself on that side of the freeway. As I loose speed, I get all the way over to the right and finally stop as close to the right side embankment. I check my gages and try and turn over the engine. It wasn’t having any of that. I pop the hood and get out on the passenger side as cars are speeding by at 80 mph. I notice that the battery cables are all corroded at the contacts so I mess with them a little hoping that the strong intentions I was sending, were reaching the soul of my vehicle.

I thought If I gave my car a chance to think about its options, it would make the right decision. My mind wandered as the cigar smoke escaped through the sunroof. I could feel my car move as each car sped by, only several feet away. I thought about the great weekend I had with my girl, how special and loved she makes me feel. I smiled remembering how we watched “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money” back to back as a double feature in bed on sunday. That wasn’t the only double feature. I smiled again.

I thought about the weekend at work. It was fun and good. I also thought about the intimate performance I did for a dinner party of 6. The show went great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

After the party I cruised over to Chris Korn’s Halloween party to make an appearance. Good time at his killer pad in Venice Beach. We talked about his upcoming shoot for his TV show. They’ll be shooting in India, where they evidently have a huge fan base.

Enough time had passed, it was time for my nearly 20 year old Volvo to do it’s job, and get me somewhere. . . anywhere. The car fired up and I did my best not to get killed getting back on the freeway from a stand still in fast, heavy rush hour traffic. I blew off work and decided just to get home. I’ll try and have my car looked at tomorrow and have some routine maintenance performed. I’m sure it will be fine. . . and if it’s not. . . well, that will be another story.

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Sounds like your battery terminals and wire contacts need a thorough cleaning. That should do the trick!
Nice post by the way, loved your humor about the double feature. Smiling wickedly ;)