Monday, November 05, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money Visit

Thursday was a suck ass night at work, it was over before it started. Night after the big party night of Halloween, I guess. City Walk was dead, so I popped over to Hollywood and Highland to see if it was workable. . . it was not.

I called Polly to see if she was up for a visit. She said sure and made the proper arrangements for me to enter Paramount Pictures at the Gower Entrance. They were shooting on Stage 27. Dirty Sexy Money shoots on a bunch of different gigantoid sound stages. Walking around the lot at night by myself is really cool. There were a couple of other sound stages shooting as well. I arrived on set in time for second meal. A tasty Indian Food spread. . . I was hungry. Back behind the set and the tucked away video village, The hair and make-up departments had their set chairs against a giant wall. I was greeted by Dennis, Polly's’ Department Head. A very nice man and Polly’s biggest advocate. It’s been interesting to watch them overcome recent obstacles and continue to try to run an effective department. I like that they all make me feel so warm and welcome. I really like visiting Polly at work.

The writers strike is on everyone's mind and it was interesting to get a variety of peoples opinions about the effect that this could have. Peter Krause was generous with his time as I asked how he felt about the situation. I ask a lot of questions and take it all in. Kelly the script supervisor has asked on a couple of occasions why I don’t get into the business. I explained to her that I only work a few hours a day, and that a real job would interfere with my nude sunbathing. Priorities, that what I say.

They shot the scene from two angles, it was in Peter’s (Nick George’s) office. AndrĂ© and I had a mini magic session between takes. We discussed Erdnase and talked about our favorite shifts. I told him that I was planning a magic session at my place and wondered if he might be interested in coming.

It’s so amazing the magic of TV and Film. All this hard work and $4 mil an episode. Were selling dreams baby. The idea that your life can suck less by forgetting it for a while. Suspend your disbelief and go on an entertaining magic carpet ride. Tune in, turn on and drop out. . . that’s what I did.

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