Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Air quality and skin condition have as much to do with a good performance as the next thing. To be more specific, card magic, sleight of hand. Ya dig? I was having a perfectly enjoyable evening at work recently, when the marine layer rolled in as the sun set. Within an hour, my playing cards were reduced to a wet stack of napkins. I pride myself on being able to work with the worst deck handed to me, but lets face it, who doesn’t like a virgin deck? All slick and new, pop that seal and go to work. Back to the fog. . . the three layer playing card quickly absorbs excess humidity in the atmosphere and the result is a thick deck (hard to get back in the box) where the cards begin to stick to one and other. These decks do dry out when conditions change, but that doesn’t matter when your still working. I travel with a variety of decks and like to think that I’m prepared for any occasion. Still haven’t found the perfect plastic coated cards for those days when you find things a bit wet.

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