Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

Lunch with Polly at Astro Burger. Strikers picketing at the Paramount Entrances. Cars honking, as sign waving, out of work writers, set in motion, some of Hollywood's worst fears. God forbid TV Land crumbles, and people are forced to start talking to one and other. Studios are reacting with an immediate trimming of the fat, bracing for what could be a long costly battle.

After lunch I took Santa Monica Blvd. to Westwood. Through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and endless stream of consumerism. Subway stops and a big building district called Century City with the Avenue of Stars. I have no idea what goes on there but it looks cool.

My Destination: The Hammer Museum to see the Ricky Jay Broad Side Exhibit. Here are a some examples of 100 pieces in the show.

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