Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday Lunch at the Castle


After Thursday’s poker game at Aye Jaye’s house, I called him to thank him for an enjoyable evening. As it turns out, he lives less than 10 minutes away from me in Sun Valley. He asked me what I was doing,“Meeting you at the Castle for lunch”, I replied. “See ya at 12:15 baby, I want to see the close up show at 12:30, he informs. I arrived on time and we went into see a fellow named Derek DelGaudio. A refreshing young man and a solid set of card magic in the close up room. After the show, we headed upstairs for lunch.

Aye Jaye and I sat at a round table in the back of the room and were joined by famed actor and leading Houdini authority Patrick Cullitan. Very interesting fellow. Next to him sat Lisa Cousins whom I had had the pleasure of briefly meeting a couple of times, once with Billy Goodwin and once with David Britland; strangely enough, both at the City Walk. There were a couple other fellows at the table whose names escape me. After lunch I spent an hour in the Library with Billy & Lisa. Topics ranged from the history of our art, to dissecting Derek DelGaudio’s act from an hour and a half hour earlier. We both agreed that he had a nice style with chops to match. Both Billy and Derek have an excellent sense of construction. Taking things in a logical direction and exploiting where they know their audiences are heading. Does that make any sense. I like people. I’m genuinely interested in their lives. I really enjoyed hanging out with a lovely couple.

I got back in my car and drove as fast as I could to go home and chill for a while before work. Was going to go back to the Castle later that night, but changed my mind after finishing my own disappointing night of work. Just wasn’t in the mood. Thanks anyway Billy, you’re a pal.

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