Monday, February 18, 2008

In my "In Box"

hey tom.
hope this finds you well.
i had seen you preforming some street magic recently, l.a. just outside universal studios. you were quite entertaining.
i bought a deck off of you. the mental photography deck. i have been practicing it for a bit now, and have just started to do it for people.
and its been doing pretty well.
i wanted especially thank you for taking the time to walk me through how the trick worked too. cause later when i tried to read the directions. well lets just say i don't have them any more.
but ya i have been doing card trick for some time now. i only have maybe only 5 or 6 now. but i think it is fun. sometimes just the look on there face is just so priceless.
i start with your deck and tell how when i was on holidays and saw a magician doing street magic. he was really good. i bought this "magic" deck off of him. but man was i pissed off when i got to the hotel and opened them. they where all blank........... yada yada yada you know the trick.
i carry another normal deck of the same kind on me so i can do other trick afterwords. i have the most trouble switch the decks but im gonna keep working on it. nothing a lil practice cant fix.
but anyways thanx again.
keep doin what you're doin


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