Thursday, February 21, 2008

In my "In Box"

Hey Tom,

This is Sebastian we saw each other again at Dean's today. After looking at your site I am now sure that I have seen your cups. Since you mentioned today that you are a cup collector I figured I would send you a picture of the cups I am looking for and if you have any leads or anybody that wants to get rid of them please let me know. I look forward to seeing you again some time I am in LA.


If anyone knows where he can get a set of these, please contact him and make him a happy camper.


My Response


Great seeing you again. I'll have to stay longer some Wednesday and hang until closing time to chum with you guys a bit longer. I do have a set of the cups you are looking for, but have no interest in selling them. After checking them out a bit I might comment that their pretty light and would most likely dent with regular use. (making them hard to get apart after time. . . unless you are always very nice to them. Here is a pic of a portion of my collection with the cups in question in it.

Again, nice seeing you again.


Tom Frank

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Yeah I didn't leave until 9 last night. Yes those are the cups that I have been looking for. I am really nice and gentle with my props. I checked out the RNT website and I found a couple of sets that I liked but I want them in a chrome finish and if they are a real precision cup then the thickness of the plating makes it difficult to stack them. That is what I found out when I got the Riser Minis chrome plated. Keep in touch.


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