Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Session @ Dean Dill's Barber Shop

Spent a couple of hours at Dean Dill’s Barber Shop, Magic Session yesterday. Dean with a big welcoming smile on his face and some of the usual suspects. Pete Biro was there, a fellow from San Diego named Sebastian, who I met before. Another fellow from Columbus, Georgia named Steve Travis, who I had also met at a previous session. A lawyer / magi and a computer animation guy from Chicago.

Always an interesting group of guys. I love that Dean is cutting and styling hair while a magic session surrounds. I know I’ve said this before, I think it’s worth saying again; Dean Dill hosts the best weekly session in LA. It’s old school, a bunch of guys hanging out doing magic tricks. Anyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, and everybody seems to get something out of the session. I was asked to do my Mental Photography Pitch for the guys. They liked it. Next thing you know, Dean is doing his routine for me. His addition of a single blank both sides card was very clever. This small variation certainly sells the spectator on the fact that the deck is blank, as they examine a selected card from the blank deck. This launched into a discussion about various magicians who liked this classic trick deck as much as us. We talked briefly about Don Alan and Goshman and the routines they performed with the Mental Photo Deck. Trivia Question: What was the older name for the Mental Photography Deck?

Pete Biro scored two bonus points this session. He correctly identified an obscure back design (happened to be a Palmetto Back / Texan Deck). I was impressed that he identified them quickly without having to think too much. I don’t know why, but that’s definitely a bonus point.

The second was his performance of a new card trick called, “Trilogy” by Brian Caswell. I had never seen or heard about this trick. Very clever and streamlined in handling. It was interesting to hear how Dean, Pete and Steve Travis had been playing with the effect and trying to improve upon it and make it their own. Pete added the use of a prediction for the final card revelation. Good thinking. Another personal benefit to attending these sessions, I’m exposed to some new tricks on the market. Otherwise, I’m basically out of the loop.

Steve busted out a nice version of Flash Cash, where 5 one dollar bills instantly change to 5 hundred dollar bills. Very visual effect, with a nice emotional hook. Can’t go wrong with hundred dollar bills. . . ever. I am so impressed with with quality of advice that is given at these sessions. Simple variations that help strengthen the magic. What a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. I simply must do this more often, I always have a good time.


dconn said...

>>Trivia Question: What was the older
>>name for the Mental Photography Deck?

Methinks Don Alan referred to it as: the Nudist Deck... oui?

Tom said...

Ding Ding, & a Winner every time.