Friday, April 11, 2008


Sitting in a cave alcove at the Bourgeois Pig. Aaron on his computer to my right, trees and a full moon to my left. It’s cool in here and turning into a hot one outside, gonna hit 85 today and a high of 90 predicted for tomorrow.

It’s been a LONG week for Polly. She worked last Sunday and her schedule hasn’t let up yet. Hell, I think she had 50 hours by Tuesday night at wrap. I visited her on set on Sunday afternoon (Steak & Swordfish) as well as on Wednesday night at 9:30 (Philly Cheese steak) and yes she started that day at 5:40AM. I don’t know how people in the industry keep those kind of crazy hours.

While she’s at work, I do my thing. I’m in charge of household chores like laundry, keeping the kitchen clean and nude sunbathing. I feel like I’m coming out ahead on this deal.

She’s happy it’s Friday and has the weekend to relax. As for me my work week starts tonight. I need to make up for the lousy week I had and Friday, Saturday & Sunday are my days to do it, this time of year. Had a nice spike for spring break, but now were back to off season hours and numbers.

It is what it is. Ebb and flow baby. What do I have to complain about?

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