Friday, April 11, 2008

Silly with a P

Just finished Steve Martin’s book, “Born Standing Up”. LOVED IT! I can remember buying “Wild & Crazy Guy”, on vinyl in 1978 and thinking that it was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I was 13, but old enough to understand that, this was something new, different and silly right to it’s core.

In the book, he spells out a bit of his process. There is an underlying notion that things don’t really have to make sense, like; opening your set by saying “Hi my name is Steve Martin, and I’ll be out here in just a minute”.

Yesterday while lying naked on the day bed, enjoying the warm valley afternoon air, before work; I was inspired to add some real silliness to my evenings work.

I thought about how I spend too much of my act behind my table. I got the idea to try and make myself disappear. I had everyone close their eyes while I sneaked to the back of the audience, where I spoke to the audience. I announced that I hadn’t really disappeared, but that I was merely invisible and insisted how utterly amazing this was. My amp is situated by my table, so to hear my voice, but not see me. I thought the whole idea was funnier than they did, but was reassured when I spoke to a 5 year old girl after the show. She really thought I was invisible. My work here is done.

It’s been a TOUGH week at work, but I dealt with it. Temperatures are much warmer now and it should be a boffo weekend.

Life is good, walking in the mornings, working for an hour or so at the coffee shop, hanging with Mr. Fisher and chillaxing.

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