Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Presto! New Pixar Movie


Mary said...

Gee Tom,

I never knew you did a stint as a bunny rabbit!

It explains SOOOOO much!

Much love,

animaenagerie said...

Great short .

The director, Doug Sweetland, is interviewed on the Spline Doctor's podcast :

Spline Doctor's Interview with Doug Sweetland

As you may know , one of the head story guys at Pixar , Joe Ranft (who unfortunately died much too soon) , was into magic in a big way and there are other magic fans there at Pixar. Of course the situation , Magician vs. Rabbit , is classic , going back to the Warner Bros. cartoons days.

Phi said...

I loved this so much, that I downloaded the iTunes version for my iPhone. :-)

salope62 said...

That was sweet!

salope62 said...

That was sweet!