Thursday, July 24, 2008

What keeps me coming back

Every night's a little different. The weather has a lot to do with where peoples heads are at. Is it too hot, is it too cold? Is the audience looking into the sun? I've been going to work each night as my spot becomes shade and the evenings sun sets. I continue to be flabbergasted with how cheap people can be. I go out there every night and do the best I can to make people happy with my magic. It's all I ever wanted to do. . . really.

There was this kid last night, he had the best reactions. Mouth dropped, eyes widened. . . he looked like he was watching real magic. My heart filled & soul flew.

It's tough work what I do . . . and where I do it. LA (here and now) is the toughest place I've ever street performed. The economy isn't helping and I feel it in every hat. But I have an endless supply of love in my heart and I'll keep going out there till I get it right. I have good days and weeks and others where I just learn a lot. I've learned not to second guess the evening. I make sure my head is right and that I'm in the proper space to deliver the type of magic I like to do. I do the best I can and the rest either comes together, or it doesn't. No big deal either way.

Lately I've been going to the gym twice a day. Once in the morning, and once after work. Been trying to duplicate my morning workout in the pm. 30 min. weight training, 30 min. cardio losing a few pounds and starting to think I might actually have some muscles. Today instead of working out I went to a yoga class with Polly. Lots of boobs. Feeling very good these days and hope to make sure that it's reflected in each performance.

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