Sunday, February 08, 2009


I joined up with FaceBook a few weeks ago and been really surprised to see how quickly you can become addicted to finding and communicating with people from your past. Friends from high school, friends I've worked for and with, through the years, and just plugging into this new world order of viral communities. Very interesting to get on the phone with old friends and catch each other up.

Here's a pic of a friend of mine named Mark Mounts. We went to the School for Creative & Performing Arts back in the early 80's. I think I was there in 10th and 11th grade before getting kicked out for rarely showing up. Mark and I used to skip school regularly with our posse of ne'er do well misfits.

Polly also went there and so did my brother Mike and my sister Margie. Harvey and Stevie Weinstein as well (a couple of the guys I met with in Vegas last week).

What a long strange trip. . . it continues to be!

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