Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I love magic

Ultimately, when it all comes together, it makes people happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, was make people happy. There’s look in a child's eye and a subsequent smile or look of surprise; or turning a grown up into a child. . . even if but for a moment. That’s why I got in the game. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I always thought it was a noble profession to make people smile.

Tonight the money was horrible. It was 50 degrees and had rained most of the day. It was even hailing at one point. It cleared up enough to get out there for a couple hours in the evening. I didn’t make that much in tips, but I did some nice shows, and made some people happy.

I want to get better and grow as a magician a performer and a business man. I think it might be time to overhaul my act. All my friends seem to think that I need to reinvent myself and freshen things up a bit. Scary thought for a guy who has done the same act for 25 years. But I have learned one thing, when you hear the same comments from a a bunch of people whose opinions you respect. . . I should probably listen.

I love what I do, and there are endless possibilities. I used to have dreams and for years made them realities. Life’s harsh blows to the heart and soul can be crippling to motivation. Death and divorce, alienation and self loathing have all contributed to my lack of productivity in the last few years. I want to motivate myself to produce and again feel the delight in life and my art.

Here and now I renew my commitment towards my life. I will watch less television, write more and explore the vast universe of new material to sculpt out a new act. I have a lot of confidence on my ability as a performer, I always have. I need to get off the streets and book some gigs. Things are tough all over, but I have to believe that making people happy is a commodity that will always have value.

Time to put on the thinking cap and get to work.

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Michael Frank said...

"making people happy is a commodity that will always have value".
This is a great quote! You inspire me! -your brother, your friend.