Friday, June 05, 2009

The day started with rain

Days pass, time marches on and life moves forward regardless of your plans. That’s why I don’t have any plans.

One out of every 4 hours is designated as “Crazy Hour” for our cats. They kitty gallop from one end of the house to the other making graceful leaps from one piece of furniture to another. Our furry friends keep us company and give us additional outlets for our love.

It’s a nutty world out there, glad I’m not allergic to nuts.

Work is as up and down as the economy, but I do my thing night after night and either make money or not. It’s not the destination. . . . it’s the journey. . . whatever.

As I sit here nursing minor irritation and pain from last weeks tooth extraction, Polly is at the gym training w/ Errol.

Polly (and much of Hollywood) is on hiatus at the moment. Looks like she may take CSI: Miami next season for 10 months of work. They start shooting in July. I love it when she gets a break from the long endless hours of television production. We’ve been having a great time together. It amazes me that we’ve been together for 3 years and still not one argument.

So, life is good; I’m at an interesting crossroad in my own art and trying desperately to to figure a few things out.

Just got a text from Aaron, looks like were hiking in Bronson Canyon later. . . .

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Ryan Swigert said...

Congrats on being with Polly for 3 years! That's awesome!!! So happy for you!

Wishing you the best,