Wednesday, June 03, 2009

In my "In Box"

To Whom it may concern:

I am the proud owner of a set of Phoenix Cups created by the legendary street Busker: Tom Frank. I must admit that I was at 1st reluctant to purchase a set of these cups because of all the negative criticism regarding the lack of space in the "attic area" when having 3 balls there. However I have since put these cups to a great deal of use & discovered this to be BOGUS! I have no trouble at all with any so-called "floating" of the cups with 3 balls loaded. I would also like to add that any magician encountering such a problem should, in my professional opinion, take a serious look at their "mis-direction" as that is the obvious source of the problem, NOT the manufacture of the cups. Furthermore, I find the inside room of the cup capable of handling a large load like the Lacrosse ball without any problem at all. I highly recommend these cups for any serious performer. They are built very strong, nicely balanced, & have been designed by an expert in the field.

Sir Richard.

Ricky Szewczyk

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