Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Forward

Trying to get it together, again. . still, whatever. Trying to figure it out. Started this year with a batch of lofty goals and working daily to align my values with my daily activities. Am I working towards to the dreams and aspirations that I hold so dear. . . I hope so.

I’m exercising and eating right, for the most part. I’m proud of the physical transformation that I achieved last year. Looking and feeling good does wonders for the soul.

My heart breaks daily with regard to my kids, but I can only control my thoughts and actions, not theirs. Months pass without a word. This was the first Christmas that I did not send presents to them. I sent Hope a beautiful neckless for her birthday last June, haven’t heard from her since. Never even let me know if she got it. I sent Max some birthday presents in November, no word from him. Communication is a two way street. I’m tired of calling endlessly, leaving many voice mail messages for them and not hearing back. I wanted to see them while I was up in Seattle, request coldly denied.

When trying to figure out whether or not to be upset, I often ask myself; is my life any different today than it was a week, month or year ago? Sadly it isn’t, and I move forward with love in my heart and a smile on my face. I will always be here for my children, maybe someday I will be able to share the love I feel for them. . . with them.

So, I move forward into a new year, full of possibilities.

Polly and I are as solid a couple as I know. Between her, the cats, my friends and family; I feel loved and appreciated. That ain’t all bad. Life is good and going to get better if I have anything to say about it.

Looking forward

In my "In Box" • Yigal Mesika

Exploading Light Bulb

Hello Tom

My name is Yigal Mesika and recently I came across your video with you performing my exploding light bulb effect. I would just like to say you did a phenomenal job and I applaud your performance. I enjoy your presentation so much I would like to use the video and place it in some magic sites in order to promote the product. This will be great for you as it will give you mass exposure and connection to a new audience. Please let me know your thoughts, any questions and concerns are welcome.

Best regards,

Yigal Mesika


Sounds great, please let me know where you post it, I'd be interested in people's reactions. We met briefly at a convention (PCAM 4 or 5 years ago I think). I was happy to tell you how much I liked the effect. I used to have a magic shop and sold quite a few of them. Keep up the great work!


Tom Frank



Thank you for your quick reply and for allowing me to use your video. I hope we meet again in the future, drinks will be on me. Just so you know we gave the video to Penguin Magic already and hope to give it to Hocus Pokus soon.

Best regards

Yigal Mesika

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cellini Archive Footage

I shot this clip back in 1993 when Cellini & Marianne visited me in Cincinnati. We were all downtown, working the taste of Cincinnati. Good times, good friends, good memories.