Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Liam Price Frank turns 5 years old today


Happy Birthday Son, I wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Maybe someday you will understand how much I love you, miss you and never could have imagined the hateful course of events that prevents me from seeing you.

Tears flow freely from my eyes
I've stopped asking why
with a sigh
I said good-bye

I thought I fought
a noble fight
I tried to do
what was right
I held on with all my might

The fight was killing me
I hope someday you'll see
that you will always be. . .

a part of me.

I miss you.

My Old Addiction • My Kids

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pic du Jour


Required Reading


Houdini spinning in his grave?


5th June 2006

The nine-piece band, known for wearing jumpsuits and disturbing masks while performing live, holed up in the Harry Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Calif., with producer Rick Rubin to lay down tracks for the upcoming "Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)" -- and had a series of, shall we say, unusual experiences while living there.

Rock outfit SLIPKNOT have inadvertently found a unique venue to record their new album in - a haunted house. The group have reconvened after spending the last year pursuing solo projects and while they insist their music is better than ever, they can't say the same for their surroundings. American rockers SLIPKNOT have been recording their new album in a haunted house in Los Angeles. The WAIT AND BLEED band are also living in the spooky property and drummer JOEY JORDISON admits to being shocked by ghostly goings-on there. He says, "The house was built in 1918. It's pretty much a mansion and it's very haunted. "You'll be standing there, getting literally pushed, and look around and there's no-one there who could do that. "My door would open at 9-9.30am for the first two weeks until I put a brick in front of it to stop that happening." "I was doing laundry in the basement and I went into this one room. It felt like something walked through me. It freaked me out. Now I don't go in the f**king basement anymore."


Big Love Welcomes Polly Lucke!!


Summer vacation is over for my girl. Her clock is set for 4:15AM, she will leave at 5:15AM for a 5:45AM Call Time, North on the 5 out by Magic Mountain. We ran out there yesterday so that she could load in the trailer. I was real happy to meet her boss and friend or as she calls him, "Big Daddy". His name is Scott Williams and he is the Hair Department Head on Big Love. A charismatic man with an infectious smile who offered to show me the set that they will be shooting on.

We took a brief tour of the sound-stage where they shoot. The set is three houses in a subdivision that share a common back yard with a pool. The very same pool and sound-stage that was used for the TV Show Melrose Place. Scott pointed out that it's interesting to look at this backyard. It's easy to allow the attention to detail to fool you. When you see weeds around the trunk of a tree, or dirt or leaves, someone put those there for exactly that effect.

The walls of the houses don't really come off, the rooms are big enough to accommodate all necessary equipment. Ceiling panels can be removed for supplemental lighting wen needed.

Next we went to the adjoining production office. There was a hustle and bustle of of a high school office on enrollment day. It was cool seeing what it looks like from the inner workings. All scripts given out to cast and crew are personally coded for security purposes and must be disposed of properly when updates and rewrites are released.

On the way out we visited the Kraft Service Truck who was also loading in on the day before it's show-time. This whole notion of snacking and catered dining appeals to me greatly. I helped myself to some peanut M&M's and felt like I was getting over on someone.

Back in the Hair and Make-Up Trailer Scott and Polly set up their work stations. On the far end of the trailer were two make -up artists also setting up their stations. Looked like a nice trailer, AC felt good on a hot day. Fridge, Stereo, VHS & DVD Player lots of comforts to make everyone feel relaxed and work hard in what can be a challenging industry.

Thanks Scott for everything, taking such good care of my girl for years. I'm sure you know how much she appreciates your friendship and support. And thanks for the tour.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Santa Monica • Ocean Blvd.

Worked the Promenade on Sunday. Drove up to the top of my favorite parking garage, cranked up some tunes, got my performing stuff out of the car, smoked half a joint, the butt of of cigar and practiced with 5 silver dollars for a bit. I forgot my battery for my sound system back at home with the other half of the joint, so I didn't have to load the amp, mic and associated cables.

The weather was perfect, blue skies in the high 70's with a nice ocean breeze. The 3 block pedestrian walk known as the Third Street Promenade packed with with high power retail, bit tits, tight asses, movie theaters, restaurants, pool halls, street performers every 40 feet . . . a mother fucking orgy of capitalism! And packed to the gills with people


I had nice sets and connected well with the people. I added a nice "humble, bullshit" riff near the end of my act that seemed to work. Who was it that said, "Always be sincere. . . even when you're not"? Anyway I also had the opportunity to work silent for a while. I was in the immediate vecinity of a very talented horn player who played beautifully. I did a whole set to the music cards, cups, coins, rings. Felt good, very zen and in tune with my surroundings.

Got home later that night, Polly and I cut a rug in our living room. We danced away the evening to some smooth swing. Have I mentioned lately that I am in love with my girlfriend.


The Brown Derby


Black Magic

From a time long ago and a place far away I had a young student. He was an accelerated learner, loved to read, study and practice. He left Cincinnati years ago never to return. I hadn't seen him since. . . till the other night.

It was Friday night and I had decided to work Hollywood & Highland. I approached the spot where I had worked a week earlier and there stood a strange man with a duck. . . doing tricks.


It took me a while before I recognized who it was. My old friend James Moore aka L.O. Quint aka Black Magic. We spent the evening swapping off shows and catching up.

The funniest thing he did was put the duck in a harness, tie the duck up with the leash, stick it in a big brass bucket, cover it with a big scarf and 30 seconds later the duck emerged free of it's restraints. Made me laugh.


He told anyone that would listen that I was the guy who taught him how to do magic, and how I had changed his life. Sometimes I get uncomfortable with friends elevating me to guru status or something. I find it hard to believe that I have touched so many lives. I don't get it, maybe I've actually done some good in this life.

I have tried to do right by my art, follow my heart and live my dream. And for this I get four kids who are rapidly becoming strangers.

Life is good, what do I have to complain about. I have a woman who loves me and is the world to me. We live in a beautiful home, have a LOT of fun and and bare our souls, among other things, to each other. . . frequently.